The Straw Build

The SiteIMG_20180217_163930075_HDRThe shed has been little more than a storage space for the last ten years or so, housing among other things, tools, paint pots, even a motor bike. Last year it was decided to use it as an outdoor workspace, so changes were made, French doors were added and the old door moved.  Before we knew it, the dark unfriendly space was bathed in light!

Well, now we intend to go one step further. To the light and airy workroom will be added a warm and cosy sleeping space. It will have a single window (curved and slinky -already purchased on ebay) and be made of straw.

So, here we are in the middle of February with a shed full of straw, a space cleared and a book on how to do it purchased. As soon as the weather dries up we shoukd be able to get started on the gravel foundations.